New CURC catechism blog for grades 1-3


CURC catechism teachers Tricia Barackman and Sunny Chung, both of whom co-teach the grades 1-3 class, have created a new blog as a resource for the parents of the children they instruct. It includes an embedded Google calendar that keeps parents updated on upcoming lessons and catechism review, as well as blogposts and pictures of what the class is learning. As you can see from visiting the blog, this class of little lambs are receiving rich instruction on the purpose of the Old Testament and the flow of redemptive history. They are learning, at a level they can understand, that the whole Bible is about the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. To see what Trish and Sunny are doing with the class, have a look here. May God give grace to these two women as they instruct these precious members of Christ's Church, supplementing what they receive in the home from their parents. And may the Holy Spirit use the instruction in this catechism class to bear much fruit in the lives of these children as they grow and mature in the Christian faith.  

Tricia is a senior at Westminster Seminary California and currently writing her thesis in historical theology. She is scheduled to graduate with an M.A. in May 2012. Sunny is a graduate of WSC (M.A.). She works at the White Horse Inn. The Lord has blessed Christ URC richly by providing these two gifted women to teach the little members of his flock.