New Children's Book by CURC Member Simonetta Carr


The latest volume in Simonetta Carr's series of children's books on church history is now available by Reformation Heritage Books.  Athanasius (c.296-373), bishop of Alexandria, remains one of the most important figures from the early church. He was a champion of orthodoxy, defending the biblical doctrine of the two natures of Christ over and against the heretical assault of the Arians. In his famous De Incarnatione, he explained how God assumed human flesh in order to reconcile sinners to God through his death and resurrection. With beautiful illustration by the artwork of Matt Abraxas (who happens to be my brother), Carr gives young readers (and older ones too!) an excellent glimpse of the significance of this hero of the early church. In a day when less and less Christians know the history of the church and the  development of doctrine, Carr has provided us with another precious jewel for learning the major turning points in the story. Along with her books on John Calvin, Augustine, and John Owen, I highly recommend this for young and older readers alike.

Here are more recommendations:

“This is great. It fills a gap between simplistic (and often erroneous) summaries of his life and monographs that only scholars would read. Well done!” — Robert Letham, senior tutor in systematic and historical theology, Wales Evangelical School of Theology

 “Another excellent historical biography from the hand of Simonetta Carr! This time it is the early Christian bishop Athanasius, who is not an easy subject in some ways. But Simonetta tells his story with gusto, the right amount of admiration, and faithfulness to the Alexandrian bishop’s life. I am fast becoming a real fan of Simonetta’s writing!” — Michael A. G. Haykin, professor of church history, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

 “Simonetta Carr's latest book is a wonderfully accessible addition to her growing collection of books on church history for children. Her straightforward narrative is simple but never simplistic and will charm and inspire young readers to live for Christ, contra mundum, against the world. Every family should read these books.” — Douglas Bond, author of The Betrayal and the Crown and Covenant series

 “The lovely Simonetta Carr has done it again: another beautifully illustrated children's book, this time on Athanasius.” - Carl Trueman