Congratulations to CURC's Newest Licensed Interns

CURC has two new licensed interns: Mr. Nick Davis and Mr. Daniel Ventura. Both men sustained their licensure examinations administered by the Consistory on Wednesday, May 30, in accordance with URCNA Church Order Appendix 1. The Consistory shall now "assume supervision of all aspects of [their] training" for the ministry (CO Art 3) as they complete their theological education at Westminster Seminary California. Both men will complete summer internships this year in which they will preach and teach every week. Mr. Davis is headed to Strathroy, Ontario, Canada to work under Rev. Harry Zekveld at Providence URC, and Mr. Ventura will travel to Milan, Italy to work under Rev. Andrea Ferrari at Chiesa Evangelica Riformata 'Filadelfia'. They will return home to CURC and WSC this fall. Please pray for these men that the Lord may continue to prepare and nurture them for a lifetime of ministering to Christ's flock.