Pray for our mission in Bucharest

Last month, my wife and I had the joyful opportunity to travel to Bucharest, Romania to visit Rev. Mihai Corcea, Christ URC's missionary in Romania, and his lovely wife Lidia. It was a tremendous blessing to spend time with this precious couple in their native country and see the infant church plant firsthand. Sometimes when we pray for God to open doors for the gospel and plant new churches where there are none, it seems little more than a dream. But in his kind providence, God made what seemed impossible possible. He brought Mihai and Lidia across the world to spend three years with Christ URC while Mihai completed studies at Westminster Seminary California and an internship at our church. God then allowed Mihai to sustain his ordination exams under Classis Southwest, and then called him through the council of Christ URC to serve as a missionary in Romania. At last, Mihai and Lidia returned to Bucharest, found a meeting place for the church, and the work has begun. A church is being planted in that city, a church that proclaims Christ in every sermon, worships God with reverence and awe, and reaches out to the community with the gospel. God has answered our prayers! Soli Deo Gloria!

On November 13, Rev. Corcea, Rev. Andrea Ferrari (our missionary in Milan, Italy) and myself, with the approval of our Consistory and the advice of our Classis, ordained Mr. Claudiu Stefu as the church's first elder. The Lord had been preparing Claudiu for this call for several years as he waited for Pastor Corcea's return from the U.S.. After meeting with Pastor Corcea over several months for biblical instruction on the office of elder and in the polity of the Reformed churches, Claudiu was deemed ready and humbly accepted the call to serve as the church's first elder. Please pray for these leaders - Pastor Corcea and Elder Claudiu - that they will remain faithful and encouraged in the long and slow process of making disciples. And pray for the work, that the Lord will continue to bring people to faith and strengthen them through his means of grace.

You can read regular updates about the work on the website Reformation Romania.