Good Friday Service of Lessons & Psalms

reflections on Christ - crucifixionThis Friday at 7.00pm, a special worship will be called in order for us to hear the events of our Lord's suffering, death, and burial, and to respond with prayer and song. Similar to our annual "Service of Lessons & Carols" on Christmas Eve, the Good Friday Service of Lessons & Psalms will have seven lessons from Scripture and seven songs (all psalms) corresponding to the lessons. Each lesson will contain a reading and a short exposition of the passage. Each psalm we sing prophesies of the events recorded in the Gospels. The service will also begin and end with passion hymns. So, come to sing and hear of how our Lord loved us and gave himself for us! "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" The service is as follows:




HYMN OF PRAISE: "O Sacred Head Now Wounded"

FIRST LESSON: Trial - John 18.28-40 PSALM OF RESPONSE: Psalm 41.7-10 [tune: "Dundee"]

SECOND LESSON: Torture - Matthew 27.24-34 PSALM OF RESPONSE: Psalm 69.7-11 [tune: "Grafenberg"]

THIRD LESSON: Crucifixion - John 19.17-24, 28 PSALM OF RESPONSE: Psalm 22.12-18 [tune: "Hebron"]

FOURTH LESSON: Reviling - Mark 15.25-32 PSALM OF RESPONSE: Psalm 109.1-4, 21-27 [tune: "Nettleton"]

FIFTH LESSON: Rejection - Matthew 27.45-49 PSALM OF RESPONSE: Psalm 22.1-8 [tune: "Hebron"]

SIXTH LESSON: Death - Luke 23.44-49 PSALM OF RESPONSE: Psalm 34.15-20 [tune: "Eventide"]

SEVENTH LESSON: Burial - John 19.31-42 PSALM OF RESPONSE: Psalm 16.8-11 [tune: "Leominster"]



HYMN OF PRAISE: "Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted"


Dr. Godfrey to Preach at CURC on Good Friday

Dr. W. Robert Godfrey will preach and lead worship at CURC's Good Friday service this year on April 22 at 7.00pm. Dr. Godfrey is President of Westminster Seminary California, Professor of Church History, a minister in the URCNA, a noted author and scholar, and, as many know from experience, a very fine preacher. We look forward to Dr. Godfrey opening God's Word and serving us on Good Friday, as we gather together to reflect on our Lord's atoning death for our sins. And to make this a one-two punch, Dr. Michael Horton will preach on Easter Sunday. The saints eat well at CURC!

Good Friday offering for Reformed Spanish ministry in Los Angeles


The offering received during the Good Friday Service of Lessons & Psalms will be received for Iglesia Reformada Unida de Ontario, the Reformed Spanish ministry in Ontario, CA under the leadership of Rev. Ruben Sernas and the Ontario URC. To learn more about this vital work, go here (in Spanish) or here. We pray that this work will continue to be used by the Spirit and his Word to make disciples of Jesus Christ.