Three Forms of Unity Class #12: On Reformed Worship


 The Three Forms of Unity Class wraps up on Wednesday, December 1 with a class on Reformed worship.  Why do we do what we do in the worship service? Is worship a matter of style and preference? What principles direct us in the worship service? What actually happens every time we gather for worship? These questions and more will be discussed on Wednesday, December 1 at CURC. n.b. There will not be a class on Wednesday, November 24.

The Three Forms of Unity Class is class is a twelve-week course designed as an introductory or refresher course on the Reformed confessions and the beliefs of CURC. The full course runs as follows (required reading is in the parentheses):

Class #1: Introduction to the Class

Class #2: Law & Gospel; True Faith (HC questions 1-21; BC articles 14-15)

Class #3: Scripture; Trinity; Creation; Christ (HC questions 22-58; BC articles 1-13, 16-20)

Class #4: Justification by Faith Alone (HC questions 59-64; BC articles 21-23)

Class #5: Baptism (HC questions 65-74; BC articles 33-34; CO articles 41-43)

Class #6: Lord’s Supper (HC questions 75-82; BC article 35; CO articles 45-46)

Class #7: The Church and Church Discipline (HC questions 83-85; BC articles 27-32, 36; CO articles 1-36; 51-66)

Class #8: Good Works (HC questions 86-115; BC articles 24-25) 

Class #9: Prayer (HC questions 116-129)

Class #10: Election; Man’s Conversion (Canons of Dort, 1st and 3rd /4th Heads)

Class #11: Christ’s Atonement; Perseverance (Canons of Dort, 2nd and 5th Heads)

Class #12: Understanding & Enjoying Reformed Worship (CO articles 37-50)

*Indicates reading for the class: HC = Heidelberg Catechism; BC = Belgic Confession; CO = URCNA Church Order