Congratulations to Dr. Horton! "The Christian Faith" is awarded "Best Theology Book" for 2012 by Christianity Today

Horton TCF

Congratulations to WSC professor and CURC member and associate minister, Dr. Michael Horton. Christianity Today has named Mike's The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way as "Best Theology Book" of 2012. CT notes: "Averting his gaze from the kind of popular evangelicalism that is nondenominational in style and never quite confessional in ethos, Horton delivers the Reformed goods to a new generation." Using The Christian Faith as the textbook for our Friday night lectures in theology at CURC, I find it to be tremendously helpful for weaving systematic and biblical theology together and keeping it within a confessional framework. This book is like Witsius, Bavinck, and Berkhof put together in one volume that instructs the reader in the theology of our past while addressing the currents of our day. Scholars and laypeople alike will benefit from it. Even if you have never studied systematic theology before, but want to, this book is an excellent place to begin. Highly recommended. And if you are in San Diego on a Friday evening, why not come out to CURC in Santee? Our Friday night lectures in theology are at 7pm.