CURC Membership Class begins Wednesday, October 28 at 7.00pm

The CURC Membership Class begins Wednesday, October 28, at 7.00pm. This class is a seven-week course designed as introductory instruction on the Reformed confessions and the beliefs of CURC. It runs as follows:

CLASS #1: Introduction to Christ URC

CLASS #2: Hour 1: Law & Gospel
                     Hour 2: Reformed Worship

CLASS #3: The Apostles' Creed

CLASS #4: Hour 1: Justification by Faith Alone
                      Hour 2: The Church

CLASS #5: Sacraments

CLASS #6: Hour 1: Good Works
                     Hour 2: Prayer

CLASS #7: The Doctrines of Grace

If you are interested in taking this class, please email Pastor Brown so he may ensure materials are prepared for you. His email address is: