Michael Horton on the Great Commission and Social Justice


Dr. Horton's latest lecture in the adult Sunday school class at Christ URC on the Great Commission and social justice. This is very helpful teaching to help us as Christians distinguish between the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, and between the Church as an institution and the members of the Church living in the world. Highly recommended. You can listen to it here. The rest of Dr. Horton's lectures on the Great Commission (following the outline of his latest book, The Gospel Commission) can be listened to here. Or, even better, come to Christ URC Sunday morning and sit in on the class itself.

Michael Horton on Evangelism and Mission


Dr. Horton's adult Sunday school class continues this Sunday at CURC. These lectures are taken from the material in his forthcoming book on the Great Commission, Commission Accomplished, the third in his trilogy following Christless Christianity and The Gospel-Driven Life. Classes are on most Sundays at 11.30am, after the morning Divine Service. You may also listen to them online for free on our website. But if you are able, come visit. While listening online is better than nothing, it cannot compare to being here in person. You are warmly welcomed to visit.