Pastor Brown's new book on the covenant theology of Samuel Petto

Petto C and the C

Here is a description from the publisher: "Covenant theology is the “warp and woof” of Reformed theology, and its development was most seriously worked out during the seventeenth century. In Christ and the Condition, Michael Brown introduces us to an influential Puritan pastor who, though now largely forgotten, was a significant contributor to the covenantal debates of his day. Brown analyzes the covenantal thought of Samuel Petto and reveals a diversity of thought among the Puritans, especially concerning the Mosaic covenant. Brown’s assessment places Petto in the context of the covenantal debates and also demonstrated the implications of covenantal thought on the doctrine of justification." Table of Contents:

1.A Puritan Pastor-Theologian: Petto in Context 2.Petto’s Covenant Schema 3.The Mosaic Covenant in Reformed Theology 4.Petto on the Mosaic Covenant 5.Implications for Justification

Endorsement: “It’s always a pleasure to meet another great exponent of classic Reformed theology. Petto is someone I should have known, but didn’t until Michael Brown introduced him to me. The issues Petto raises—and the context that Brown provides—greatly enrich our own conversations about the twin dangers of antinomianism and neo-nomianism in our own day.” - Michael Horton

In the acknowledgements, Pastor Brown says, "I am grateful to the congregation of Christ URC in Santee, California, whose passion for the gospel and interest in covenant theology has inspired me to dig deeper in my studies. No flock could give their pastor more joy in serving them than you have with yours."

The book is published by Reformation Heritage Books and available for preorder here.